Seahawks Seem Poised To Throw It Back To Steve Largent-Era Next Fall

If you're a fan of the classic, Steve Largent-era Seahawks uniforms over their current, ultra-modern navy and lime green get-ups, here's some cool news for you.

It sounds like throwback jerseys are definitely on the horizon.

The team teased a throwback uni back in November with a simple graphic that used the logo and color scheme they used from 1978 to 2001.

With the incredibly stupid one-helmet rule going the way of the dodo (seriously, good riddance) the floodgates are opened for teams like the Seahawks to bring back some tasty throwbacks.

However, since that announcement, there hasn't been much news on the Seattle jersey front until very recently.

On Monday, team president Chuck Arnold Seattle joined radio station KJT to give a "State Of The Team" update, and it didn't take long before throwback jerseys took over the conversation.

“Yes, it’s happening,” Arnold said, per USA Today. “We’re excited, I think we’re just as excited as the fans are for the throwbacks. The game won’t be decided until the schedule comes out in early May, but we’ll get a chance.

“We’re not sure yet if it’ll be one time or two times, but we’re going to have a lot of fun with it as we launch it.”

Fans are going to eat that up whether it's one game or two. Is there anyone alive that doesn't love a nice throwback? It just gets the nostalgic juices flowing. Even objectively bad jerseys are fun as throwbacks because you remember them from when you were a kid. Nostalgia is weird that way, and the Seahawks appear to know this.

Now, someone get the Eagles on the blower and get them to wear some throwbacks...

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