Seahawks Receiver Denies Taking A Blunt Shot At Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett wants fans to know he didn't throw shade Sunday at Russell Wilson.

Following the Seahawks beating the Giants 27-13, Lockett addressed the media and said, "I think the biggest thing is it’s amazing what you can accomplish when nobody cares who gets the credit, my high school coach always said that."

Naturally, it didn't take long for some to speculate on social media that Lockett was calling out former Seattle QB Russell Wilson. After all, Wilson has never been shy about the spotlight, and it's not a secret he's not on great terms with all of his old teammates.

Tyler Lockett sets the record straight.

However, Lockett cleared the air late Sunday night, and told people to "stop reaching" and "looking" for a story.

"I've said this quote like 5-10 times since I've been in the league," the talented receiver tweeted.

While Lockett is maintaining his comment wasn't directed at Russell Wilson, it's not hard to understand why people jumped to that conclusion.

Ever since leaving the Seahawks, Wilson has been getting dragged left and right. Whether it's working out on a plane or his unbelievably cringe Subway commercials, the man is a magnet for criticism.

Meanwhile, everyone expected the Seahawks to fall apart, but Pete Carroll's squad is a surprising 5-3. Who would have ever thought Seattle would be at the top of the NFC West through eight games?

Unfortunately for Wilson, while Lockett might not have taken a shot, the criticism around him and the Broncos is unlikely to end at any point in the near future.

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