Scott Frost Had To Do One Simple Thing To Keep His Job

The bar for success at Nebraska for Scott Frost was much lower than people might think.

Frost was fired after losing to Georgia Southern, and he finished his time in Lincoln with an abysmal 16-31 record. Towards the end of the 2021 season, Frost and the program revised his contract, and while it ultimately didn't save his job, the details are now out on what he needed to do in order to get back to his original deal.

Nebraska AD Trev Alberts revealed Frost simply needed to win six games and make a bowl game. If the former Nebraska coach had simply accomplished that, he would have seen his salary increase to $5 million and gotten an extension, according to reporting from back in 2021.

Nebraska fired Scott Frost early in the season.

However, Frost never got the chance to win six games because he was fired after three games into the season.

Not only was he fired, but Nebraska decided to do it in September instead of October. Waiting a couple weeks would have saved the Cornhuskers roughly $7.5 million. Instead, Frost will get $15 million in buyout money.

The great irony is Nebraska is actually capable of still winning six games this season. With five games remaining, the Cornhuskers are 3-4. The team still has games against Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.

It will be very difficult to find three more wins, but it's not impossible. If it does happen, Frost will watch it unfold from his coach.

All things considered, it's pretty wild he just needed to win six games to get his old deal back, and he couldn't even get that very marginal accomplishment done.