San Diego Padres Fan Delivers Epic Troll To Dodgers Ticket Office

It was a very disappointing end to the Los Angeles Dodgers' 2022 season.

The Dodgers seemed to be on track for a trip to the World Series if it wasn't for those pesky San Diego Padres.

Padres fans will do whatever they can to remind them of this fact.

Take for instance this dude, who delivered a troll job for the ages without even having to leave his house.

All he had to do was throw on a Padres cap, call up the Dodger Stadium box office, and let the magic unfold...

"Thank you for calling the Dodgers, this is Sabrina, who am I speaking with?"

Poor Sabrina. When she picked up that phone he had no clue she was about to take a trolling on behalf of the entire Dodgers organization.

"I was looking for information about purchasing tickets for the NLCS series," Jake told Sabrina, masquerading as any run-of-the-mill box office caller.

Stunned silence from Sabrina's end of the phone. Then she managed to choke out a response.

"...The Dodgers have been eliminated from the NLCS," she says.

"Oh, shoot. Who did they lose to?" Jake says, knowing full well who they lost to.

"They lost to the Padres," Sabrina said, before getting an earful from an elated Padres fan.

That was a masterful troll job. Simple, effective, and no one got seriously injured and/or maimed.

Just textbook.

As Jake is no doubt aware, his Padres will take on the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS which gets underway Tuesday night in San Diego.

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