Michigan State Roasted For Giving Michigan A ‘W’ When Trying To Troll Them

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Michigan State learned the first rule of trolling firsthand this week when they tried to give their in-state rivals some grief this week: If you’re going to take a shot at someone, you best not miss.

In this case, the Spartans missed.

The football team’s social media team tweeted a graphic to promote their upcoming game against the Michigan Wolverines.

The Spartans tried to troll the Wolverines by flipping the team’s iconic “M” upside down.

It’s not a great idea for how to troll another team, but it’s not awful. Just look at how bent out of shape Texas gets if you throw them a horns down.

However, there’s a problem. As any kindergartner could tell you an “M,” when turned upside down, becomes a “W.”

Y’know; as in “win.”


That’s an especially egregious mistake when the Spartans are going to be up against the No. 4 team in the nation, and if they managed to scrounge up a win, it’d be a massive upset.

This mistake was able to fly completely under the radar and no one on Twitter noticed.


They noticed.

The Wolverine’s sit atop the Bit Ten East standings, while the Spartans can at least say, “Hey, we’re ahead of Rutgers.”

Both Michigan and Michigan State are off this week and they won’t play each other until October 29. This means the Spartans have plenty of time to go back to the drawing board and recalibrate their trolling tactics.

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