Saints Lose After Heartbreaking Double-Doink FG Misses In London

It's going to be a long flight back across the pond for the New Orleans Saints after a brutal loss to the Minnesota Vikings in London that included a double-doink.

The Saints looked to kick a long 61-yard field goal to tie the game with just 2 seconds left in regulation.

What happened was a jaw-dropping miss from kicker Will Lutz to end the game.

That's right. But not just off the upright. Take another look: we've got ourselves another double-doink.

Someone give Will Lutz Cody Parkey's phone number. Those two can help each other through this one.

It isn't like that kick didn't have the legs to send the game to overtime. Making matters even worse is that Lutz had successfully kicked a 60-yard field goal earlier that quarter.

It came on 4th-and-2 with just under two minutes to play when the Vikings opted for the long-field goal instead of trying to gain two yards.

He definitely had the leg to get the job done and nearly did so by a matter of inches (or centimeters because they were in London).

Not only did the missed field goal cost the Saints the game, but it also cost Lutz a place in the history books. Drilling that late kick would have made him the first kicker to make two field goals of over 60 yards in the same game.

It just gets worse and worse the more you look into it, doesn't it?

One more thing is that this loss may have tarnished the good name of the Saints' slick black lids.

It's going to be tough to look at those moving forward and not think "double-doink."

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