Roger Federer 'Definitely Done' With Tennis Despite Rash Of Wishy-Washy Retirements

Roger Federer has confirmed that he is finished with professional tennis.

No, like, for real. He's "definitely done." His words.

The Swiss tennis legend talked about his recent retirement announcement in an interview with Today.

"No, no; I am definitely done. I know that," Federer said when asked if he was retiring for good.

Savannah Guthrie brings up a good point — and I'm as shocked typing that sentence as you are reading it — but there has been a rash of wishy-washy retirements.

Sure, a lot of players have come back after retiring. Mario Lemieux did it. Michael Jordan did it twice (for different reasons... allegedly).

However all of a sudden it seems like the hot thing to do. Tom Brady retired, sat around for two months, then was willing to throw his personal life through a loop just to get back under center.

The stars were out in full force to see Serena Williams call it a day. Almost immediately after her "final match," she made their ticket stubs and Instagram tributes worthless by wavering and saying that she might not be done quite yet.

We're Seeing More Rock Band-Style "Farewell Tours"

So "retirement" for star athletes has become what farewell tours are for bands.

Motley Crüe just did a stadium tour this past summer. They did this despite all members signing an agreement that said they were finished touring forever after of 2015.

Then The Dirt, came out and they were like, "What cessation of touring agreement?"

I think KISS has been on a farewell tour for like 20 years. It's crazy (especially without Ace and Peter).

We're now seeing athletes doing something similar. They go on their farewell tour and then think, "Hey, that was pretty sweet. I think I'll do that again."

We'll see if Federer sticks to his guns and bows out gracefully. That kind of wish-washy decision-making never helps. If anything, it can harm a legacy.

*cough*Brett Favre*cough*.

Jeez; excuse me.

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