'Ridiculous': Tom Brady Breaks His Silence On Mike Evans' Suspension

Tom Brady doesn't think the NFL should have suspended Mike Evans for his role in a Sunday brawl against the Saints.

All hell broke loose during the Saints/Bucs game, and Mike Evans absolutely rocked Marshon Lattimore.

In response, the league slapped Evans with a one game suspension. Now, the seven-time Super Bowl champion is opening about the loyalty his top receiver showed him when things got tough.

Tom Brady appreciates Mike Evans having his back.

"I love Mike and the fact that Mike would come out there to defend me, it means everything in the world to me as a teammate and a friend. And Mike knows how I feel about him. So, in the end, emotions are a part of sports. Sometimes they boil over, and they obviously did yesterday," Brady said on the "Let's Go" podcast when discussing the situation.

Tom Brady also touched on Mike Evans getting hit with a suspension, and added, "It’s an unfortunate circumstance. I don’t think it deserved any type of suspension. I think that’s ridiculous. You know hopefully we can move past it, get to a better place. You know in the end, I appreciate Mike having my back. I know he’ll learn from it. And he knows that we all have his back."

Evans went to bat for Tom Brady when people started chirping, and it will now cost him a game and some money.

However, in the long run, having Brady knowing you have his back is probably the most valuable thing you can have as a member of the Bucs.

Judging from Brady's comments and Mike Evans' actions, he knows the star receiver will defend him if it comes to that. I have no doubt Brady will repay the favor and reward the loyalty.