Richard Sherman Thinks Russell Wilson Doesn't Get Same Respect As Other Star QB's

Former NFL defensive back Richard Sherman recently announced he's joining the Amazon Thursday Night Football broadcasts, which kick off with Thursday's Chargers-Chiefs matchup.

That didn't stop him from watching Monday night's Seahawks-Broncos game, marking the return of Russell Wilson to Seattle.

That game essentially ended with an extremely questionable 64-yard field goal attempt:

But perhaps even more confusing than the field goal was timeout usage by Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett.

Even Peyton Manning was frantically signaling timeout during the broadcast, but Hackett chose to let well over 30 seconds tick off the clock for no apparent reason.

Sherman commented on the bizarre time management, saying that if Russell Wilson had the same amount of respect as other star NFL quarterbacks, he'd have been able to call that timeout himself, without checking with the head coach in the first place:

One of the key takeaways was Sherman's view that "Russell doesn't have the power to call that timeout without the sideline."

Sherman believes that compared to say Peyton Manning, Wilson doesn't command the same respect and ability to control the game as he sees fit.

Questionable take?

This explanation doesn't seem to hold up to scrutiny.

Wilson's been one of the most successful QB's in the league since arriving, and won a Super Bowl with Seattle.

Not to mention he just signed one of the biggest extensions in NFL history, making him the second-highest paid quarterbacks:

If that doesn't show that Wilson commands respect, it's hard to imagine what would.

Maybe there was some miscommunication between Hackett and Wilson that led to the inexplicable decision not to call a timeout, or maybe the chain of command there hasn't been discussed prior to Week 1.

Either way, it seems extremely unlikely that a lack of respect is the reason for the Broncos surprising mistakes at the end of the game.