QB General Booty Releases NIL Body Cream

General Booty is carving out a unique path in the NIL game.

The Oklahoma quarterback isn't exactly known for making plays on the field (he saw action once in 2022), but he is well-known for maybe having the best name in all of college football.

Now, the sophomore passer has released a body cream that is very on-brand for his name. For just $39.99, you can get your hands on General's Crimson Cream.

General Booty is now in the body cream business.

The body cream is produced by Oklahoma City-based company Prohibition Soap in coordination with Oklahoma's NIL collective Crimson and Cream, according to On3.com.

A portion of sales will also be donated by Booty and the brand to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Sometimes, life blesses you with great athleticism, a wealthy family, a big brain or a combination of all of them. While Booty might have all that as well, the one thing he does have is an incredible name.

When your name is General Booty, it only makes sense to get a body cream NIL deal. That's a match made in heaven.

Having said that, General Booty needs a little acting work. Do the Sooners not have anyone in the NIL world that knows an acting coach?

He delivered those lines with less excitement than an SEC fan visiting a pumpkin patch on a Saturday during football season. Turn the audio off and the announcement video looks like it might be a hostage situation.

Has anyone ever looked more uncomfortable?

Hopefully, Booty cashes in on this match made in heaven deal, but next time, let's spice up the announcement. Making a bang is marketing 101, and he just didn't do it here.