Possible Nebraska Coaching Target Doesn't Commit To Keeping His Current Job

Wisconsin defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard isn't committed to staying with the Badgers forever.

The star DC for the Badgers is viewed by many as the best assistant in the country, and following the firing of Scott Frost, his name was even floated for the opening in Lincoln.

While it's unclear what the future holds for the former NFL player, he's leaving the door open to any options that might come up.

Will Jim Leonhard leave Wisconsin?

Leonhard told the media the following in part last week when discussing his job in Madison amid speculation he could leave, according to The Athletic:

I’ve talked it a lot. I’m comfortable here. I’m not saying that this is the place I’ll be the rest of my life, but I love this place. I love what we’re doing. I like the guys and who I’m coaching with. So I’m not in a rush to make decisions that I think some people think I am. I’m excited to right the ship coming off a loss. I don’t like where we’re at. That’s my focus right now. I’m not worried about anything else. It’s kind of crazy to see within the course of seasons these decisions being made obviously more and more year-in and year-out, which just adds to more and more speculation when games are being played where that really wasn’t the norm not too long ago.

For those of you who remember, I actually wrote about Leonhard's future following Wisconsin losing to Washington State.

He's going to be a head coach somewhere in the near future. If Nebraska is going to target him, which is very possible, shouldn't Wisconsin want to keep him home?

It's unclear where Leonhard might rank on Nebraska's list, but his comments indicate he's open to hearing offers if some roll in.

"I’m not saying that this is the place I’ll be the rest of my life" is not something Wisconsin fans want to hear. Yes, he immediately said he loves UW, but the door is clearly open.

If you're a Nebraska fan, you have to love Leonhard's comments. If you're a Wisconsin fan, definitely not so much.

There's going to be a time for tough decisions if the Cornhuskers truly come calling for Leonard. Hard choices and tough conversations will have to be had. As a Wisconsin man, it makes me very nervous.