Police Investigated Ja Morant Over Alleged Altercation During A High School Game: REPORT

Ja Morant just can't stay out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Memphis Grizzlies guard is away from the team after flashing a gun during an Instagram Live stream while at a strip club, but that was just the latest incident to catch him bad press.

Now, it turns out that he was also investigated back in September for an alleged altercation during a high school volleyball game at Houston High School in Germantown, TN, according to TMZ.

Morant is accused of allegedly getting involved after somebody used some coarse language with his sister during an altercation. The alleged verbal argument escalated and she notified her brother. Ja is accused of entering the gym with "a group of" adult men, his mother and his "baby daughter," according to the same report.

That's when Ja's mother Jamie got involved and asked, "Which one of ya'll called her a b*tch?" Police told Jamie Morant she couldn't confront the students, but one of the adult males got past police and went to where the students were. The man is accused of slapping a student's phone out of their hands for attempting to take a picture and then threatened to "beat y'alls ass."

One witness claims a gun might have been present.

A witness later claimed the man "was about to pull a gun" during the argument. However, the cops say they never saw that and never witnessed a firearm at all. Morant was investigated for simple assault, intimidation -- no physical contact, but charges weren't filed.

Both sides did want charges pressed on the other, but police clearly felt there just wasn't enough there. However, the school principal did give a verbal trespass warning through Grizzlies head of security to all involved.

Ja Morant continues to show signs of a pattern of behavior.

Morant continues to be in the news, and the reasons haven't been good for awhile. Prior to this news becoming public and the strip club/gun incident, he had at least two very notable allegations against him.

He's also accused of getting into a physical altercation with a teenager and possibly flashing a gun. The NBA star was also accused of being in a vehicle where someone flashed a laser at members of the Indiana Pacers.

Members of the Pacers organization believe the laser was attached to a gun.

Hopefully, Ja Morant gets his life figured out sooner than later. While there were no charges filed in this incident or any of the other incidents, it certainly seems like there's a pattern here. Anyone paying attention would probably agree. That's simply not acceptable. Given his stature and platform, he can't risk being associated with potential hot heads.

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