Pete Carroll Pulls Off Power Move, Plays Scout Team QB For The Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll apparently still likes to get after it on the field.

Despite being 70 years old, the famous NFL coach decided to line up as the scout team quarterback during a recent walk-through practice for the Seahawks.

Yes, you read that correctly! Pete Carroll was apparently under center giving the first team defense all it could handle.

We need the tape of Carroll running the scout team offense like we need oxygen in our lungs. I have no doubt it was incredible.

Pete Carroll isn't the same kind of content machine Dan Campbell is, but he's still an incredibly entertaining NFL leader.

The fact he jumped under center for some reps with the scout team is proof of that fact.

The whole situation is made much better by Carroll more or less jokingly taunting his starting defense by telling the media, "I wasn't on my best game today. I threw a lot of balls to the defense. I was nice to 'em. But it's more than just the arm. I gotta get back going."

What an absolute power move from the Seahawks leader!

If there is a tape of him letting it rip and getting after it with the scout team, I hope it eventually hits the web. It'll be broken down more than the Zapruder film!

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