Paul Finebaum Suggests Wisconsin Might Target This Big 12 Coach

Paul Finebaum thinks Lance Leipold going to Wisconsin makes a lot of sense.

The Badgers are on the hunt for a new head coach after firing Paul Chryst, and for the time being Jim Leonhard is the interim leader of the Badgers.

Many expect the interim tag to be removed and Leonhard to be the next coach of the Badgers. However, if things continue to go south, Wisconsin will look elsewhere and Lance Leipold is right at the top of the list.

Paul Finebaum is in complete agreement.

"I know this will be his week with GameDay and all the circus acts that they bring into town, but ultimately he’s getting out, he’s not going to be there long, and he shouldn’t be. I don’t care what Kansas think about what I’m about to say, but if you can get a couple wins and some momentum there, have your agent get you an offer worth about four or five times that value and Wisconsin would be a great landing spot. Anywhere would be a great landing spot for him," Finebaum said on an ESPN college football podcast, according to 247Sports.

Wisconsin hiring Lance Leipold makes a lot of sense.

The future of the Wisconsin program really hinges on how well Jim Leonhard does over the next seven regular season games.

If the Badgers finish 7-5, which is not likely in my humble opinion, it's hard to imagine Leonhard doesn't keep the job permanently.

However, Leipold going to Madison makes a lot of sense. The man is a proven winner, and wherever he's been, the results have been outstanding.

He won six national titles at UW-Whitewater, took a traditionally bad Buffalo program to three straight bowl games and has Kansas off to the team's best start in 13 years.

Barack Obama was in his first term the last time Kansas won five games in a season. Lance Leipold accomplished that feat with the Jayhawks five games into his second season.

Again, the results aren't up for debate. Lance Leipold is a proven winner.

Furthermore, the Kansas coach is from Wisconsin, spent some time with the Badgers in the early 1990s and was a head coach at Whitewater. There's a natural connection there.

Plus, Wisconsin has much deeper pockets than Kansas. There's nothing Kansas can offer Lance Leipold that the Badgers can't easily match.

Will it happen? Fans won't know for awhile, but speculation is definitely swirling.