Paul Finebaum Ruthlessly Roasts Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher continues to take hits left and right.

The Texas A&M Aggies are currently 3-5, and the team is fully off the tracks at this point. With Jimbo sitting on a fully guaranteed $95 million deal, fans continue to get more and more upset with the situation in College Station.

Now, Paul Finebaum has continued to pile on.

"At this point, Jimbo Fisher really deserves an Oscar for going in there every Saturday night after losing after losing to South Carolina and Ole Miss. It’s not like he’s losing to Alabama and Georgia. And he’s taking about, 'We’ve got a good team, great young quarterback, we’ve got this and we’ve got that,'" Finebaum said in reaction to Texas A&M falling to 3-5.

Finebaum also said that if Fisher had a regular level buyout, he'd already be booted out of College Station.

The is turning up on Jimbo Fisher.

Watching Jimbo Fisher get cooked by the media and fans every single week is quickly becoming one of the most popular new traditions in college football.

With every game the Aggies lose, which is a lot, the pressure gets turned up more and more. It's just brutal out here for Jimbo Fisher.

However, it's not hard to understand why we're here. When you hand a coach a $95 million deal and he's 3-5 in year five, people are going to be upset. Fans expect better and they should.

The Aggies have made some insane investments into the program. Yet, Jimbo Fisher and the team appear to be regressing.

Now, Paul Finebaum is talking about how he deserves an Oscar. At the very least, his agent deserves a massive raise for seemingly fleecing A&M.

If Texas A&M loses to Florida or Auburn, you're going to hear criticism that is truly deafening. Bring on the chaos!