Patrick Mahomes Vows To Drink Beer Out Of Cooper Manning's Boots If Chiefs Win The Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes is ready to hammer a few cold beers if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, but there's a twist.

The Chiefs and Eagles will square up against each other this Sunday for the Lombardi Trophy, and millions of fans around the country are fired up to watch the chaos unfold.

Ahead of the matchup, Cooper Manning spoke with the star QB, and the face of the Chiefs pledged to crush a few beers out of the Manning brother's boots if he locks up his second ring.

"Post-Super Bowl, if you bring that thing there and we get the win, I'll drink the beer out of the boot with you … I gotta make sure you gotta wash your socks before we do that," Mahomes said grinning.

Cooper made sure to let Mahomes know that he's definitely NOT wearing socks in his boots.

Will Patrick Mahomes find himself crushing beers Sunday night?

First off, whether he wins or loses, I think it's safe to say fans definitely want to see Mahomes chug beer out of Cooper Manning's boots.

It would be insanely rancid. No socks? If the thought of it doesn't make your stomach start to turn in an uncomfortable fashion, your threshold for gross stuff is a lot higher than mine.

As anyone knows, footwear that doesn't involve socks generally starts to smell sour rather quickly. My morning loafers (Wisconsin branded, of course) could clear out a room like a biological weapon if they weren't regularly cleaned. Cowboy boots would be even worse.

Second, this was A+ product placement by the Chiefs QB. They were talking about beer, and he immediately dropped a Coors Light reference.

He's a known fan of the icy blue mountains, and he's never afraid to throw them a little promotion.

Finally, Cooper Manning is truly a content star. He had an epic interaction with Jalen Hurts and this one from Monday night with Patrick Mahomes was equally as funny.

He might need his own sports show. Out of the three Manning brothers, he might be the funniest.

We'll find out Sunday night whether or not Mahomes will be drinking out of Cooper's stinky boots. If it happens, the video will definitely be an all-timer.

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