Pat McAfee Turned Double Entendres Into An Art Form At National Championship Game

ESPN's Pat McAfee was in rare form during the National Championship Game at SoFi Stadium Monday night, The ex-NFL punter took every opportunity he had to throw a double entendre into the broadcast whenever and wherever he could.

The man knows his way around a microphone and on ESPN2's simulcast of Georgia's unholy blowout of TCU for the title McAfee was dropping innuendos whenever possible.

Then McAfee broke out what will probably go down as the call of the night with the Dawgs only up by 10. TCU quarterback Max Duggan handed the ball to running back Emari Demercado who promptly found some space.

Or, as McAfee put it...

And with time running down on what was an otherwise unexciting National Championship game, McAfee took some time to thank college football audiences for welcoming him into their homes.

Or, as he put it...

Pat McAfee And RGIII Have Shown Some Real Double Entendre Prowess This Season

I see a budding rivalry of sorts between two guys who can't help but through in a little sexual innuendo: McAfee and Robert Griffin III. Both have shown otherworldly aptitudes for shoehorning a double entendre or innuendo into the broadcast.

One of RGIII's finest moments on this front was teed up for him. Honestly, if he didn't say something, there'd be something wrong.

The Wolverines were playing the Colorado State Rams when freshman quarterback Alex Orji found the endzone.

Then there was the time he said that Michael Penix Jr. had "big Penix energy."

The same game also featured this one, which was a bit more of a stretch, but props for trying.

Of course, all those great moments have been overshadowed by some befuddlingly dumb remarks from RGIII, but that doesn't mean he's lost his innuendo fastball.

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