Panthers, Patriots Can't Stop Fighting During Practice

The Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots were at it again Wednesday!

Following multiple altercations during their joint practice Tuesday, another huge fight broke out again after a Panthers player reportedly stood over an injured Kristian Wilkerson, according to Mike Reiss.

From there, it was on for both sides, and the video of the incident perfectly shows what a melee it descended into.

At some point, these teams need to get it straightened out or just pack up and go home. Two straight days of brawls isn't helping anyone get better.

It's nothing more than a massive distraction for everyone involved.

Furthermore, brawling is a great way to get hurt. With the regular season starting in just a few weeks, does any team want to risk injuries over bonehead decisions like fighting?

The answer is no. Not at all!

Hopefully, Bill Belichick and Matt Rhule can get the situation under control before it gets worse!

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