Paige Spiranac Feels Sorry For Phil Mickelson's Wife After Golfer Confuses Look Of 4 Inches

Paige Spiranac took an all-time not-so-subtle shot at Phil Mickelson.

Mickelson recently made some waves when he tweeted about Sam Ryder's pants during the Farmers Insurance Open.

The golfer wore what looked like joggers that showed a bit of his ankles.

For reasons unknown, Mickelson had to take to Twitter to complain and said, "The Tour doesn’t allow shorts but does allow this weeks leader to wear joggers with ankle socks? Showing 4 inches of ankle? I’m no fashion guy, never will be, but there are some things I won’t ever understand."

Well, Paige Spiranac decided to weigh in and it didn't go well for Phil.

Paige Spiranac lights up Phil Mickelson with a groin-related jab.

"Phil Mickelson, which I didn't see because I'm blocked, but people were posting about it. Phil Mickelson even had this tweet saying, 'How can you show four inches of skin?' Also, if Phil thinks that's four inches, I feel sorry for his wife," Spiranac said while reacting to Ryder's outfit and Mickelson's reaction.

Yes, she lobbed a grenade right at the golf star without any regard for his internet reputation.

Phil Mickelson has a family, Paige! He has people who care about him. You simply can't destroy a man in this fashion like it's no big deal.

It wasn't just any kind of jab. It was a jab at the family jewels. The worst kind of shot of all to have thrown your way.

There's no coming back from something like that.

I'm not sure what the beef between these two is, but you can tell by the way Paige Spiranac just ruthlessly delivered that line there's absolutely no love loss at all.

She was so happy to just nuke Phil Mickelson in that fashion. Not only did she do it, but then she immediately kept it moving like a star.

She's a coldblooded assassin.

Lesson learned for the internet: Don't end up on Paige's bad side because it won't end well.

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