Paige Spiranac Bashes Notre Dame Fans, Calls Them 'Insufferable'

Everyone has a fan base they love to hate and you can include the internet's favorite golf influencer Paige Spiranac.

Spiranac posted a video to her Twitter page in which she rattled off her favorite and least favorite fan bases.

She started with No. 1 on the hate list: Notre Dame.

Typically, you start these lists from the lowest and work backward, but who's to tell Paige Spiranac how to make content?

"Coming in at No. 1 is Notre Dame football fans, they're absolutely insufferable on social media, and half of them didn't even go there," she said, before really going scorched Earth. "Their great-great-great-great-great grandfather did or they watched Rudy once and now they're a big die-hard football fan.

"They never acknowledge the special treatment that they get when we all know that they're an average at best football program," she said. "And I wish Brian Kelly was still there because he was the cherry on top of a s--t sundae."

Then she moved on to eviscerate No.2 on her list: Boston sports fans.

Spiranac listing Notre Dame at No. 1 and Boston fans at No. 2 kind of makes it sound like she may have some kind of beef with Irish people. That said, I don't think you'll find too many people willing to argue those picks.

She did confirm a beef with Padres fans, and after their showing at the NLCS this past season, again, there will not be too many arguments.

As far as best fanbases, the golf influencer who recently christened herself "Alpha Jugs" tipped her cap to the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase, of which she just so happens to be a proud member. (Hard disagree on this one. They've got dumb towels and bad sandwiches; get over yourselves... although the 6 Super Bowl wins are very respectable).

Next, she applauded those loveable, table-smashing lunatics in Bills Mafia.

Finally, she dropped a stunner for her No. 3 favorite fanbase: Alabama Crimson Tide Football fans.

"I saw them in the National Championship last year, and there was a squad of grannies rollin' deep, decked out in all Alabama gear," she said They would fight anyone who said anything against Alabama football and it scared the crap out of me."

"So, now I'm forever a fan. Roll Tide."

There you have it: someone's grandmother made Paige Spiranac respect Alabama football fans.

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