Packers QB Jordan Love Might Ask To Be Traded: REPORT

Does Jordan Love want to get out of Green Bay?

Love has been pretty much strictly glued to the bench for the Packers ever since he was drafted in the first round in 2020. It's Aaron Rodgers' team and the face of the franchise also has more years left on his latest deal.

Previously, Packers insider Jason Wilde floated that he believes Love will request a trade if Rodgers returns to Green Bay for the 2023 season, according to BroBible, and a second insider has now backed up that thought.

Jordan Schultz also believes Love's time in Green Bay could be nearing an end if he doesn't get the starting nod sooner than later.

Does Jordan Love want out?

"The issue for Jordan Love is he's a first round pick in 2020 and he's barely played … This is a guy who is 24 and believes, as do some people around the league, that he's a starting quarterback or should get an opportunity. So, I believe, yes, he will ask for a trade if that were to transpire and I think it's in his best interest to do that," Schultz said when asked if Love will ask for a trade if he's not starting in 2023.

When asked by McAfee if Schultz's comments were as a pundit or an NFL insider, he simply responded with "both."

Given how much money Aaron Rodgers stands to make if he keeps playing in the NFL, it's hard to imagine he leaves the Packers.

His latest deal with the Packers he signed last March is for more than $150 million guaranteed. Would he really walk away from that kind of cash to go do something else? Would he ask to be traded or released to a different team? That seems highly-unlikely. That means Jordan Love has some decisions to make, and if you believe Schultz and Wilde, that means requesting a trade.

He has played extremely limited snaps in his NFL career. Jordan Love has thrown a grand total of 80 passes for 597 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions since entering the league. For a first round pick, he definitely wants to see more action.

The Packers are currently 5-8, and the team's postseason chances are pretty much dead. If a trade request is coming, it would likely happen at some point prior to the draft. That's still several months away, but that would be the likely timeline. Per usual, there's more QB drama in Green Bay. You can set your watch to it.

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