Packers Fans Do 'Jump Around' As Wisconsin Fires Paul Chryst

Green Bay Packers fans had some very unfortunate timing for "Jump Around" Sunday against the Patriots.

The Wisconsin Badgers stunned college football fans by announcing the firing of Paul Chryst Sunday night, and as the news broke, "Jump Around" was blasting at Lambeau Field.

So, Packers fans - who are also Badgers fans - were doing Wisconsin's most famous tradition at the same moment it was revealed the team needed a new head coach.

Was this a shot at Paul Chryst or really poor timing?

To be clear, this is almost certainly a coincidence. Scott Grodsky reported it's played at the two minute warning, and that just happened to be the exact moment news broke Paul Chryst had been fired.

If there was ever an example of really poor timing, this is it. It looks like Packers fans are celebrating Wisconsin firing Chryst, but I'm pretty sure that's not what happened.

The Badgers purposely dumped the news during the Packers game in order to avoid as much attention as possible.

It just happened to come out while Packers fans were jumping around like they were at Camp Randall. Again, if there was ever an example of really poor timing and a bad coincidence, this is it.

Having said that, it wouldn't surprise me at all if fans did openly celebrate. The Badgers got rocked at home by Illinois and rushed for a grand total of two yards Saturday. People were furious and in open revolt against Paul Chryst.

Something had to be done, and AD Chris McIntosh pulled the trigger on dumping Chryst. You know the only media outlet who saw that coming? OutKick.

However, I definitely won't be jumping around. Chryst won a lot of games, and we should be classy with the situation now that he's gone and Jim Leonhard is the interim head coach.