Packers Coach Not A Fan Of 'Annoying Horn' At Vikings Games

Minnesota fans love themselves some Gjallarhorn. Or as Packers head coach Matt LaFleur has christened it, "that annoying horn."

The Packers are in Minnesota for Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season and that means they'll be subjected to Bank of America Stadium's infamous horn.

However, the horn may backfire, because while he called it annoying, LaFleur also said his team feeds off hostile environments.

" love going into a hostile environment like Minnesota. Hear that annoying horn that they like to blow, and the Skol chant," LaFleur said. "It's kind of the guys on that sideline, the guys in that locker room versus the entire stadium."

The Gjallarhorn is also accompanied by the team's Skol chant for a one-two punch of somewhat cool, somewhat irritating traditions.

Packers fans were quick to back their head coach and his disdain for the horn. That's good news if you're a Vikings fan. Your horn has some real estate in your division rivals' heads, even if they say they feed off it.

Oddly enough, Packers defensive tackle Kenny Clark is a big Gjallarhorn guy.

Is all of this just big talk, or are the Packers braver than most of 11th-century Europe?

Does The Annoying Horn Help Or Hurt The Vikings?

The Vikings could be facing the worst-case scenario for teams with over-the-top in-stadium/arena noise makers. While they typically irritate the opposition to the brink of sanity, they could also fire them up.

Science needs to look into whether the home-field advantage that comes with a giant horn, a big drum, or a siren outweighs visitors playing harder to mute them.

We'll have to wait and see if the horn will backfire on Vikings fans, or propel Kirk Cousins to an MVP-caliber season.

Still, when it comes to in-game noise makers, nothing makes them need to change their shorts quite like the Colombus Blue Jackets cannon.

If you think visiting teams hate a horn, how about rolling some artillery into the arena and firing it after every goal?

Now that's annoying.

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