Opposing Coach Accuses Arizona State Staff Of Leaking Intel To Get Herm Edwards Fired

Herm Edwards and Arizona State officially parted ways after the Sun Devils' home loss to Eastern Michigan. While Edwards is out in Tempe, drama involving him and the ASU program continues to unfold.

Despite going 8-5 a season ago and finishing his tenure at Arizona State with 26-20 overall record, Edwards' departure seemed inevitable. The NCAA has been investigating the football program for over a year because of alleged recruiting violations. And Edwards had lost five assistant coaches since that dark grey cloud has been hovering over the program.

Arizona State Enters The Weekend 1-2

While an NCAA investigation makes the job more difficult, coaches leaking information to opposing teams makes the job nearly impossible.

According to an opposing coach who spoke with The Athletic, that's exactly what happened. A person, or persons, on Edwards' staff was allegedly leaking intel in order to speed up his firing process.

"An opposing coach recently told The Athletic that it wasn’t hard to get intel on this season’s team because some within Arizona State athletics wanted a coaching change."

If true, this opens a number of conspiracy theories, including one that could involve the higher-ups at Arizona State instructing coaches to leak intel which would mean more losing for Edwards making it that much easier to fire him.

Losing 30-21 at home to Eastern Michigan was already a bad way for Edwards to go out. You add this report of a staff member allegedly leaking information to get him canned and it's been a historically bad few days for Mr. Edwards.

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