One Damning Stat Makes Mel Tucker's Contract Look Absolutely Terrible

One stat tells you everything you need to know about Mel Tucker's time with the Michigan State Spartans.

Tucker has been the target of serious criticism after the Spartans have crawled to a 2-3 start to the 2022 season.

Tucker's career record in East Lansing is a very pedestrian 15-10. For comparison, former Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst went 15-10 in his last 25 games and got fired this past weekend. That won't happen to Tucker because the school rewarded him last season with a fully guaranteed $95 million deal.

However, once you dive into his record, the numbers are absolutely damning.

All ten losses Tucker has had with the Spartans were by double digits. That's right, he's never even had a close loss, and 40% of the games he's coached were multiple score losses.

The data is pretty bad by itself, but once you factor in the fact Tucker is on a $95 million deal, the situation gets much worse.

Mel Tucker has a massive contract, but his record doesn't justify his salary.

If you take out the 2021 season when Tucker had the best running back in America in Kenneth Walker, his record at MSU is 4-8. Who signed off on handing him a $95 million deal? What data was analyzed to justify that decision?

The craziest part might be that Michigan State fans just don't seem to think there's anything wrong in East Lansing.

I pointed out the absurdity of Tucker's contract given his record this past weekend, and Michigan State fans acted like I was crazy for questioning how a guy with a 15-10 record with the program is getting paid so well.

Again, he's lost 40% of the games he's ever coached with the Spartans by double digits. The numbers are what the numbers are, and the record is what the record is. It might be time for Michigan State fans to start getting nervous because Tucker's not going anywhere, and the results aren't pretty.