Oklahoma Player Suspended After Domestic Violence Allegations

Oklahoma football coach Brent Venables has suspended Daniel Parker after serious allegations.

The suspension comes after an emergency protective order was filed in Cleveland County by the 21-year-old alleged girlfriend of Parker, according to Tulsa World.

The unidentified woman accused the Sooners tight end of "domestic abuse, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and stalking," according to the same report. A hearing will take place this afternoon on the protective order request.

Daniel Parker faces incredibly serious allegations.

Parker is accused of punching the woman as many as half a dozen times in an alleged attack that took place in November, according to claims in the protective order request. During the alleged attack, Parker grabbed a gun at one point and threatened the woman with it.

The alleged incidents between Parker and the woman started in October and carried into early November, according to court documents.

Parker, who previously played at Missouri, wasn't taken into custody at the time, and he currently faces no charges. All punishment - the suspension - has come purely from the school.

The Cleveland County district attorney's office informed OutKick that at this time, no charges are being pursued. However, the DA's office has requested more information and will continue to review it. If the protective order is violated - which is a civil order - the DA's office could then possibly respond.

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