Oklahoma Coach Drops Troubling Quote After Losing To Texas

Oklahoma coach Brent Venables had a bleak assessment of his team after getting beat by Texas.

The Longhorns physically dominated the Sooners in all aspects of the game, and by the time Quinn Ewers and the offense called it a day, Texas won 49-0.

Did Venables attempt to spin what happened on the field? Nope. He dropped a quote that should have fans very worried.

"We look like a tired team. There's probably several reasons why. We're having to play near perfect football and we're not able to do that right now," Venables explained after the humiliating loss.

You know things are bad when a head coach doesn't even attempt to change the narrative. Generally speaking, coaches will try to insert their spin, no matter how ugly it gets on the field.

Venables could have easily rolled with the fact quarterback Dillon Gabriel didn't play, but the Oklahoma leader didn't even attempt to change anyone's perception.

Oklahoma coach Brent Venables sounds like a defeated man.

Instead, he just admitted the obvious, which is that Oklahoma looks terrible. The fact he added in "there's probably several reasons why" just makes it all that much more concerning for Oklahoma fans.

How bad are things behind closed doors that he would say that publicly? It's interesting to say the least.

As for his claim the team needs to "play near perfect football" in order to win, that's obviously not true. The 3-3 Oklahoma Sooners also have losses to Kansas State and TCU.

Both are respectable teams, but you hardly need to play perfect football to beat them.

Nobody seems to know what is going on in Norman, but whatever it is, Brent Venables better figure it out quickly or his seat is going to start feeling a bit warm.