Novak Djokovic Wins US Open In Ultimate Rebuke Of Vaccine Mandates That Barred Him

Novak Djokovic on Sunday once again proved why he’s the G.O.A.T.

After being indefensibly banned by the Biden administration from competing in the U.S. Open in 2021 and 2022, Djokovic returned to New York City for 2023. And won the whole damn thing.

Djokovic's fourth U.S. Open win and 24th Grand Slam title overall leaves one to wonder what could have been if not for how disastrously bad this administration’s COVID policies were over the past few years.

Biden and the CDC were relentless in their pursuit of anti-science mandates barring unvaccinated people from entering the United States. Despite overwhelming evidence by the early-middle part of 2021 that mRNA vaccines were ineffective at preventing infection or transmission.

But similarly to their obsession with disproven mask mandates, authority figures refused to accept or acknowledge reality. And Djokovic was caught in the crosshairs of institutional incompetence.

Famously refusing to get vaccinated, Djokovic stood firm in the face of immense societal pressure. Australia deported the now 36-year-old superstar for not complying with their nonsensical mandates. The U.S. banned him. And he still refused to comply.

Pointless government policy cost him two years of further major tournament dominance.

Unvaccinated Djokovic Wins The U.S. Open Sponsored By Moderna

Djokovic told reporters before the tournament that he harbored no resentment or anger towards those that discriminated against him.

“No, there was no anger. It was last year during the Open that I felt it’s a pity that I’m not there. I felt sad for not being able to participate,” Djokovic said. “But this year, I mean, is this year. I don’t think about what happened in the last year or last couple of years. Just focusing my attention to this year’s tournament.”

He may say it didn’t bother him, but it had to be a tremendously validating and self-affirming win after being demonized by the media and “expert” community. Especially considering the U.S. Open tournament was essentially sponsored by a now-desperate Moderna.

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect response to Moderna’s desperate advertising than one of the most prominently unvaccinated figures in the sports world winning a tournament in front of a sign imploring viewers to take their latest unnecessary shot.


Given the lack of external benefits, getting a COVID vaccine should always have been a personal choice. But government officials and “experts” were determined to coerce behavior to fulfill their ideological goals. All under the guise of claiming that the vaccines were necessary to preserve health.

Djokovic was and is the example of how, unsurprisingly, wrong those claims actually were.

Winning three out of four majors in a single season will do that.