Novak Djokovic Still Banned From Playing in US Open Despite New CDC Guidance

The absurd contradictions of COVID policies continue.

News reports broke Thursday that the CDC was finally updating their guidance to accept the inarguable reality that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are equally likely to get and spread COVID.

This change, which is at least a year behind what science actually said about the vaccinations, has not led to any immediate announcements about a change in federal COVID policy.

As OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out on Twitter, this update should, in theory, benefit tennis superstar Novak Djokovic:

If even the CDC is admitting that Djokovic, as an unvaccinated person, should be treated the same as those who have been “fully vaccinated,” how can there be any possible justification for banning him from entering the country and competing in the U.S. Open?

Djokovic competed in the Open last year without being unvaccinated, and just won Wimbledon once again despite the severe health and safety risk he apparently poses to Americans.

Despite influential politicians speaking out to let Novak play, it’s likely that yet again a prominent athlete will be discriminated against due to outdated, ineffective and pointless virtue signaling mandates.

Slow moving public health bureaucrats reluctant to admit the failure of their preferred policies have caused tremendous harm to individuals and society alike.

Banning Djokovic for no discernible reason is just the latest example of how expert incompetence and ego creates problems while solving none.

OutKick The Show: Novak Djokovic Banned From US Open

Novak Djokovic being kept out of the US due to a covid shot requirement that doesn’t protect anybody is absolutely defensible.