Notre Dame OC Tommy Rees Caught Chewing Out His Quarterback On Live TV And It Was Absolutely Brutal

The first six quarters of Notre Dame's 2022 season did not go according to plan. After starting 0-2, the Irish fell behind 10-7 at halftime on Saturday and offensive coordinator Tommy Rees was livid.

Notre Dame, which welcomed Manti Te'o back to campus in pregame, pulled out all the stops. The Irish were wearing their legendary green jerseys and head coach Marcus Freeman was recently announced as the newest member of the Catholic Church.

All of the momentum was in favor of the home team as it hosted Cal-Berkeley and Notre Dame was favored by 11 points when kickoff rolled around. However, despite the multiple storylines behind them, the Irish couldn't get anything going early and fell behind 10-7 at halftime.

During the first half, and particularly the first quarter, sophomore quarterback Drew Pyne was struggling. As a result, his offensive coordinator was beside himself.

Rees, a former Notre Dame quarterback himself, got on the phone with his young signal-caller and gave him an earful. And that's an understatement.

The TV broadcast cut to Pyne on the sideline and showed him looking like a deer in the headlights with the phone up to his ear. NBC then cut to the coaches box, where Reese was on the other end of the call.

He proceeded to lose his mind. It was not just some constructive criticism, it was a full-blown ass chewing.

Rees appeared to yell at Pyne:

"Do you f**king job!!! The whole team is counting on you, it's f**king simple!!!"

Take a look at the exchange between Notre Dame OC Drew Pyne and QB Tommy Rees

Notre Dame ended up squeaking out a seven-point win after Cal dropped a final-second Hail Mary.

Pyne finished 17-of-23 for 150 yards and two touchdowns without an interception. His day definitely could have been worse, and it seems as though Rees' not-so-kind words may have lit a fire.