Northwestern's Proposed New Football Stadium Looks Insane

Northwestern reportedly plans on building a sick football stadium.

Currently, the Wildcats play at Ryan Field, and it's one of the least impressive venues in Power 5 football.

However, that is going to change.

Northwestern is planning to make a huge change to Ryan Field.

The university plans on tearing down the current setup, and replacing it with a privately-funded $800 million stadium, according to Danny Ecker.

Renderings for the stadium show it will still be called Ryan Field. The proposed stadium will open in 2026, and capacity will be 35,000.

While a capacity of 35,000 certainly isn't a lot when compared to other major universities, the stadium looks like it will be state of the art and very slick.

The venue will also be used for non-football related events, such as concerts.

The Wildcats have notoriously bad facilities by Big Ten standards.

Northwestern is a great academic school, but from a sports perspective, the Wildcats have never had the facilities to compete with schools like Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and other B1G powers.

Now, the Wildcats are aiming to greatly improve the facilities on campus within the next few years. Even with a small capacity of 35,000, the new Ryan Field looks like it's going to be awesome.

Hopefully, Northwestern gets the stadium built. As a B1G man, a rising tide raises all ships, and I'd love to see the Wildcats take a step forward.

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