No One Loves Anything As Much As Bill Belichick Loves The Jim Brown Statue

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who likes too many things. One of his former players — retired defensive end Chris Long — said that one of the things in life Belichick definitely likes is Cleveland's Jim Brown statue.

As you'll soon see, the guy just can't get enough of that thing.

Long was chatting with his brother, current NFL free agent Kyle Long, on an episode of his podcast Green Light with Chris Long. They touched on Belichick's affinity for Jim Brown and the statue of him outside of FirstEnergy Stadium.

"Here's the lead," Long said. "Bill Belichick takes it to the Browns. You know why? Because Jim Brown is watching, and Jim Brown is like his favorite person on the planet."

Long went on to say that whenever the Pats paid a visit to Cleveland, Belichick always made sure they paid their respects to the Hall of Fame running back, broadcaster, and actor's statue. He mentioned that it was a big deal for the Patriots to beat the Browns, likely because Belichick coached the Browns from 1991 to 1995.

Also, Jim Brown.

"After the game, he was like, 'Stop the bus,' and we like all got off the bus at Jim Brown's statue and took a big team picture, bro," Long said before showing off the picture.

Bill Belichick's Tradition Is Still Very Much Alive

Just to prove he wasn't lying, Long reached out to some of his former New England teammates who were coming off of a win over the Browns in Cleveland.

Sure enough, Pats safety Devin McCourty sent him a photo to confirm that they absolutely stopped at the Jim Brown statue after their 38-15 Week 6 win in Cleveland.

Long also mentioned that Belichick has a love of lacrosse, something he hypothesized may be because of Brown. He's sometimes considered the greatest lacrosse player of all time and is in the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

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