NO FUN LEAGUE: Giants CB Flagged For Laughably Soft Taunting Penalty

New York Giants cornerback Aaron Robinson was flagged for an unbelievable taunting call Thursday night.

During a 23-21 preseason win over the New England Patriots, the second-year defensive back broke up an end zone pass intended for Kristian Wilkerson, then hit him with the motion DBs often make after stopping a play.

However, the officials apparently thought it went too far because he got hit with a penalty for taunting.

The taunting rule in the NFL has been openly mocked and ripped to shreds ever since the league decided to up enforcement last season.

While there's no clear standard, it more or less seems to be that if you look at an opposing player, you might get flagged.

Let's never forget Benny LeMay was flagged last preseason for taunting after what looked like he simply talked after getting a first down.

The rule is beyond parody, and fans shouldn't have to pretend otherwise.

There are tons of examples of the taunting rule being enforced with standards that seem to be made up on the spot.

Last year, spinning the ball was flagged for taunting! Spinning the ball!

The NFL needs to stop this nonsense immediately. We want to watch football. We don't want to watch the No Fun League.

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