NFL TV Ratings Are Destroying The World Series

The World Series hasn't been able to touch the NFL's TV ratings this season.

The baseball championship between the Astros and Phillies is currently 2-2, and despite it being the biggest event of the year in baseball, it's still getting crushed by regular season NFL action.

For example, game three of the World Series averaged 11.3 million viewers on Fox. Game two of the World Series averaged fewer than 11 million viewers, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Those are very solid numbers for a broadcast event. In fact, it's higher numbers than just about anything you'll see on TV that's not "Yellowstone" or "House of the Dragon." However, multiple NFL games have peaked north of 20 million viewers.

The NFL and football are at the top of the sports food chain.

Not only is the NFL crushing the World Series, but Tennessee beating Alabama and setting the college football world on fire had north of 11.5 million viewers once all the data rolled in.

It just goes to show that in the United States of America, football is king and everything else comes second.

ESPN's broadcast of the Bears and Patriots, two teams that aren't great, drew a higher viewership number than game three of the World Series with nearly 12 million total viewers, according to

You know a sport is the absolute king when teams that aren't even at the top of the league are dominating the landscape.

Baseball is certainly a very popular sport. Millions of people around the globe love it, and the World Series is an important event. However, until proven otherwise, there's nothing that touches football in America. That's simply a fact, and the numbers prove it.