NFL Ref Jerome Boger Called Penalty Against Seattle Mariners

NFL referee Jerome Boger made quite the gaffe on Sunday while officiating the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants game.

No, it wasn't another egregious roughing the passer call, but it was just as mind-boggling.

The officiating crew called a sideline interference penalty on the Seattle coaching staff.

However, while announcing the penalty, Boger got his Seattle-area teams mixed up.

That's a tough look. We all have slips like this, but most of us aren't NFL referees.

You can see a brief moment when Boger starts flipping the Rolodex inside his brain looking for the right name.

What's crazy is he could've stopped with "Seattle." It's not like he was working a Giants-Jets or Rams-Chargers game and had to clarify.

Instead, he just blurted out "Mariners."

This kind of makes me wonder if the Seahawks could have argued that penalty. Pete Carroll seems like the kind of guy who would argue that technically that penalty wasn't called on his team because they're the Seahawks, not the Mariners.

I once got out of a parking ticket using a similar argument when a careless meter maid marked the wrong state's license plate on the ticket.

Technically, that wasn't my car, so guess who didn't have to pay that ticket?

That's right; this hombre (At least not that one, I still had another one I had to pay).

The Seahawks faced the NFL equivalent of my parking situation. Coaches will do anything to win, and if the Seahawks weren't leading by a pair of touchdowns with just over 2 minutes to play, I think we would've seen Pete Carroll throwing an argumentative Hail Mary and at least pleading his case.

As unpredictable as NFL officiating can be, it'd be worth a shot.

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