New Video Emerges Of A Fan Slapping Kyler Murray

A second angle of the infamous Kyler Murray slap has surfaced.

Following a massive Sunday road win over the Raiders, Murray went to celebrate with some fans when he caught a slap to the face.

In the original video, it was difficult to tell whether or not it was an accident or if a fan had done it on purpose, but police decided there was enough to launch an investigation.

In a video released Wednesday by TMZ, you can see a fan step forward and clearly hit Murray during the celebration.

Judging from this angle, I think it'd be hard to argue this was an innocent accident against the Cardinals QB.

When the first video came out, it was reasonable to believe the fan meant to hit Murray on the shoulder pads and just mistimed it. It's super easy to swing and miss when there are a ton of people around and your target is moving. After all, it was a chaotic moment.

However, the second angle seems to indicate it wasn't an accident. The man appears to wind up and then cut it loose against Murray.

Perhaps, he'd argue differently, but it doesn't appear to have been a timing issue.

Hopefully, it was nothing more than an accident. However, the footage doesn't paint that picture at this time.

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