Nebraska AD Shares Classy Message For Fans Of The Program

Nebraska Cornhuskers AD Trev Alberts took out a full page ad thanking fans for sticking with the program.

The Cornhuskers are currently 3-8 and the program's last double digit win season came all the way back in 2012.

Since then, the Cornhuskers have had three different head coaches, and the team is on the hunt for a new one after firing Scott Frost. Well, Alberts is thankful for fans not throwing in the towel, despite the hard years.

"As we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, on behalf of Husker Athletics, please accept our deepest thanks for your loyalty to Nebraska and all of our teams … I am also thankful that your belief and unwavering interest in this football program resulted in Nebraska continuing the longest consecutive sellout streak in college football history with 389 and counting," Alberts wrote in a message in the Omaha-World Herald.

Despite all of Nebraska's struggles over the past decade, there's no doubt the fans are among the best in the nation.

Win or lose, fans of the Cornhuskers are passionate and incredibly loyal. The fact the fans are so fired up during the tough years is a sign of their true passion.

Even through the hardest of times, Nebraska fans just don't quit. With a new era of Cornhuskers football on the horizon, Alberts let everyone know he appreciates the support and commitment to the program.

I'll also add that Nebraska fans are truly awesome whenever there's a game in Lincoln. I went in 2019, and was treated like royalty.

Even though they knew they had no shot of beating Wisconsin, they couldn't have been more engaging or welcoming. They slung beers our way the whole trip.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's all hope Nebraska finds a way to stabilize and elevate the program. College football is simply better when the Cornhuskers are relevant.

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