MSU Players Appear To Beat Michigan Player, Use Helmet As A Weapon

All hell broke loose Saturday after Michigan beat Michigan State.

Following a 29-7 blowout win for the Wolverines, a melee broke out in the tunnel when a large group of Michigan State Spartans appeared to beat, punch and kick a member of the Michigan squad.

The identity of the beaten Michigan player hasn't been confirmed, but it was possibly Ja'Den McBurrows, according to The Detroit News. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh also claimed a second player was attacked, but the identity of that player is also unknown. He believes one of the players might have suffered a broken nose, according to the same report.

The video footage is damning for Michigan State.

In video footage of the attack, you can see several Michigan State players throwing shots before a Michigan player gets off the ground and is thrown into a hallway.

In a video shared by Jack McGuire of Barstool Sports, a member of the MSU team appeared to swing his helmet as a weapon against an unidentifiable Michigan player.

You can see the exact moment the helmet appeared to be swung in the screenshot below.

Following the unbelievable situation, Michigan AD Warde Manuel and deputy chief of UM police Melissa Overton made it clear it's now a law enforcement matter.

"What happened after the game is completely unacceptable. I've talked to . He's looking into it. The police are also looking into it because they've seen the video. So, they're addressing it. We'll leave it in their hands, but this is not how we should interact after the game," Manuel explained to the press.

This isn't the first tunnel issue for Michigan.

At this point in time, it's not clear what started the tunnel melee, but we do know this isn't a first for Michigan. The Wolverines have one tunnel off the field, and it can result in a chokepoint and potential issues.

Against Penn State, tempers also flared in the tunnel. Now, there's video of Michigan State players appearing to brutally beat a Michigan player.

It will be interesting to see what the police decide to do with the Michigan State players involved. Clearly, the situation is being treated seriously, and Michigan's leaders appear furious.

It's hard to blame them. The video footage appears damning. Completely unacceptable conduct.