Michigan State Unveils Fire Uniforms For Michigan Game

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Michigan State will have some awesome uniforms Saturday against Michigan.

The Wolverines and Spartans will take the field tomorrow night in Ann Arbor for the latest installment in the rivalry series.

In terms of what will happen, it’s almost certain Michigan will blow the doors off against Mel Tucker’s team. The Wolverines are undefeated, and the Spartans are simply bad.

However, Michigan State will at least look good while getting crushed.

The Spartans unveiled some fire white uniforms, and it’ll be one of the freshest look fans see all weekend.

Specifically, Michigan State’s helmets are about as slick as football helmets can get.

MSU will wear white uniforms against Michigan. (Credit: Michigan State Football/Twitter)

Will the Spartans beat the Wolverines? Almost certainly not. It would be a shocking upset if it happens. Jim Harbaugh’s team is outstanding, and Mel Tucker’s group is 3-4 on the season. The talent gap is huge.

However, if you’re going to lose, you might as well look good while doing it.

While I personally love black uniforms, going with all white threads is still a really cool look. The helmets are just the cherry on top.

They are absolutely electric, and you’re kidding yourself if you disagree.

Michigan State unveils white uniforms for the Michigan game. (Credit: Michigan State football/Twitter)

As of Friday morning the Wolverines are -23 favorites over the Spartans. It’s going to be ugly on the scoreboard, but at least Mel Tucker’s guys might have the best uniforms on Saturday. That has to be some kind of win, right?

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