MMA Fighter Wears ‘F*ck Disney’ Tape Over Breasts During Weigh-In

An MMA fighter made quite the statement when she rolled into her weigh-in topless, save for some tape that had a short-and-sweet, anti-Mickey Mouse and Co. message.

Helen Peralta fights in the Invicta Fighting Championships and she certainly got a lot of attention for hopping on the scale with a pair of white Xs made of tape covering her breasts, with the words "F-ck Disney."

Tell us how you really feel, Helen.

Peralta took to Twitter after her stunt, although she really didn't shed a whole lot of light on the situation.

Fighters are an outspoken bunch, and it's not even the first time one has taken aim at the Walt Disney Company or one of its employees:

Still, there are a lot of questions that need answering.

What's her beef with Disney? Why did she decide that the best way to get the point across was putting tape over her boobs instead of typing a strongly-worded email?

Fortunately, for all of us who still don't really have a clue what her beef with the House of Mouse stems from, fellow fighter Alex Pauga had the answer.

As it turns out, it stemmed from her appearance on The Ultimate Fighter, which just so happens to air on Disney-owned ESPN.

Ooooohhh... now it all makes sense. It was an act of revenge for the first time her tape message was thwarted.

The 34-year-old flyweight out of the Dominican Republic will fight Brazilian Poliana Botelho. Peralta currently has a 5-2 record and is coming off of two straight victories.

Could Peralta become the next Tai Emery? Only time will tell.

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