'Miraculous': Aaron Rodgers Explains Incredible Turnaround

Aaron Rodgers believes a positive mindset can accomplish a lot.

The Green Bay Packers have a final game against the Detroit Lions, and with a win, the team will punch a ticket to the postseason.

It's hard to believe how much things have turned around since the team was 4-8. However, the Packers are rolling and Rodgers thinks "the power of manifestation" played a role.

"I had faith, much like at 4-6 I think in '16. Sometimes you've got to fool yourself a little bit into believing a little bit more. But I definitely had faith I was going to go down scrapping, for sure," Rodgers explained when discussing the team's turnaround, according to NFL.com.

He further elaborated, "I do believe in the power of manifestation and I do believe in momentum and I believe very strongly in the force of the mind. And when you start to believe something strongly, some miraculous things can happen."

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are still alive.

It's very impressive just how the Packers managed to save and salvage the season. From October 9 through November 27, the team had a record of 1-7. The playoffs looked like a pipedream. However, since the start of December the team hasn't lost and is 4-0.

Now, with the Packers sitting at 8-8, it all comes down to what Aaron Rodgers and company will manage to do against Detroit this Sunday night.

Having said that, if it just required a positive attitude and manifesting some more wins, why didn't Aaron Rodgers and the team start doing that in all of October and November?

If it's just that simple, a lot of headaches could have been saved if the team started manifesting its destiny a couple months ago instead of just December.

Seems like Aaron Rodgers' gran plan might have a bit of a flaw. Just a little food for thought.

Of course, nothing matters other than the outcome this Sunday. The Packers win and fans will accept any mindset Rodgers presents. If Green Bay loses, prepare for some epic meltdowns on social media. Sunday night is definitely going to be a fun one.

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