Minor League Team Is Giving Away George Costanza Bobbleheads

If you find yourself in New York City this coming August, maybe grab a ticket to the Brooklyn Cyclones' Seinfeld Night and get yourself a sweet George Costanza figure.

The New York Mets High-A affiliate is known for doing an annual Seinfeld to celebrate one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

This year, fans in attendance will get a figurine that depicts George Costanza (Jason Alexander) pulling a golf ball out of a whale's blow hole.

That's incredible and would look rather nice on my desk.

This will make little to no sense if you've never seen the classic episode "The Marine Biologist."

In it, Jerry lies to an old college classmate that George has gone on to become a marine biologist, one that specializes in whales. That backfires when Kramer hits a golf ball into a whale's blow hole and George has to retrieve it to keep the ruse alive.

That show was genius.

The Cyclones' Seinfeld Night always seems like a good time. They usually have some Seinfeld-themed food and all sorts of games and events that reference the show.

One of the big events from this past year's Seinfeld Night was the Elaine Dancing Contest.

This year's Seinfeld is going to take place Aug. 19. The Cyclones will also be giving away J. Peterman bobbleheads, so if you're a collector be sure to get both bobbleheads.

They're sure to be conversation pieces/items your kids will fight over after you die.

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