Some People Think Jerry Seinfeld’s Kid Is The Real Bizarro Jerry

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Jerry Seinfeld’s wife posted a happy birthday photo of their son, Julian, and some people can’t believe how much one of the heirs to the Seinfeld estate looks like his old man.

Jessica Seinfeld did what any good social media-using parent would do and posted a photo of her kid to wish him a happy birthday. Anyone who wonders why she couldn’t just walk down the hall and tell him this or give him a call doesn’t understand social media.

You have to prove to strangers that you like your kid. Otherwise, it doesn’t count.

Sorry, them’s the rules.

I mean… he kind of looks like his Jerry… I guess?

Does Seinfeld’s Kid Look That Much Like Him Or Are You Just Supposed To Say That?

Well-wishers flooded into the comment section saying how much Julian looks like either one of his parents. It’s funny because you could find comments like this on any nobody’s post about their kid and the comments would read the same. The only difference is, in this case, they’re coming from Maria Shriver and Howard Stern’s wife.

Personally, I think it’s just good social etiquette to say someone’s kid looks like one of the parents. Especially if they don’t. That way you don’t accidentally raise any suspicions or call their parentage into question. You’d feel like a real doofus if you said something that led to an episode of Maury.

I’ll be honest, I don’t see it. But I never see these things. I might have that “face blindness” thing Brad Pitt says he has to cover the fact that he’s kind of a douche.

Maybe he looks like a version of Jerry Seinfeld that grew up as a cool kid from an obscenely rich household. There’s kind of a Bizarro Jerry thing going on in that sense.

Eh… not really. I don’t see it.

What’s the deal with celebrity kids who look a lot like their parents anyway? How could anyone be surprised that a kid looks like one of their parents? I mean, who are these people?

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