Mike Leach Goes On Hilarious Rant About People Losing Their Hands After Alabama Loss

Mike Leach was truly in rare form after Mississippi State lost to Alabama.

The Bulldogs dropped the game to the Crimson Tide 30-6 this past Saturday, and Leach went viral for comments calling out his own team for being scared.

However, he also made some other comments about players and future family members losing their hands from lack of use, and it's laugh-out-loud funny.

"I'm genuinely fearful that on our team if me and the other coaches don't get them right, that about a generation from now their kids and their grandkids won't have hands. You know, from a lack of use those hands just disappear," Leach explained before comparing the situation to dinosaurs that didn't use hands.

Mike Leach is one of the funniest guys in all of sports.

There are a few things you can always count on in life. Death, taxes and Mike Leach being the most quotable coach in college football.

If he hadn't called out his own players after getting smashed by Alabama, these comments about losing hands would have dominated the news.

Instead, his comments are getting a fraction of the comments they deserve.

It's also not just the fact Leach talked about players losing their hands from lack of use that makes this situation so great. He literally acted out dinosaurs having super tiny arms and hands.

Take a look at the photo below and try to convince me it's not hilarious. It's not possible. You'd never see Nick Saban do that in a million years.

Never change, Leach. Never change. You're one of the main reasons college football is so fun.