Mike Gundy Reveals If He's Nearing Retirement

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy thinks he still has a lot of football left in him.

The Cowboys are entering the 2020 season ranked 12th in the AP Poll, and expectations are very high in Stillwater. If things go well this season, could Gundy hang up his whistle?

Don't count on it. He plans on being around for a very long time.

"I feel better now than I have in years and years. I'm thinking way down the line. I thought at one time at 65 I'd be checking in and I don't see that happening now, if I feel good," Gundy told the media Thursday when asked if he could coach another decade, according to FootballScoop.

He also made it clear the older he gets, the more he focused on the long game with the Cowboys.

"I'm worried about way down the line. We're all tugging one direction now to try to build this to where, at some point, somebody's going to take it over and it's going to be a hell of a job. That's my goal right now," the talented Big 12 coach explained.

Hearing that Gundy has no intention of riding off into the sunset should make Oklahoma State fans very happy.

He has a record of 149-69 with the Cowboys, and is 11-5 in bowl games. He also has one Big 12 title to his name.

Mike Gundy knows how to win. It's just that simple, and he does it at a higher level than most considering the fact Oklahoma State isn't exactly known for being rich with resources.

There are several regional teams way bigger and better off. Yet, Gundy still has managed to average nearly nine wins a year.

Now, he's made it clear he's sticking around for the long haul. There's no doubt that's what the faithful fans wanted to hear.