Mike Gesicki Officially Retires His Griddy Celebration After Getting Called Out By The Entire World

Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki showed off his Griddy 'skills' after catching a crucial touchdown in his team's monstrous comeback win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2. After getting roasted by the entire internet, he brought the celebration back out this Sunday after scoring against the Minnesota Vikings, but that's going to be the last time we ever see the dance from the 27-year-old.

Thank goodness.

For anyone who may not be familiar with 'The Griddy,' the dance was made most famous by Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase during their time at LSU together. The dance originated out of New Orleans courtesy of Allen Davis.

Now, every person between the ages of five and 35 has probably attempted to do the dance at least once in their life.

Gesicki fell into the TikTok trap against the Ravens, and it was bad, really bad.

After getting clowned by everyone that laid eyes on the video, Gesicki joked that he would be going back to the lab and try to perfect his Griddy.

He failed.

While his Griddy against the Vikings was 10x better than his first, that's not saying a whole lot.

The Opinions Against Were Unanimous

After former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III exposed him for his lackluster performance in the endzone against Minnesota, Chase chimed in as well, essentially putting the nail in Gesicki's Griddy coffin.

When one of the guys that made the dance what it is today tells you to stop, then you stop. Thankfully Gesicki has some common sense and officially announced that his Griddy-ing days are behind him.

A 6-foot-6 tight end trying to make The Griddy look good is a tall order, no pun intended.

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