Michigan Star Buries Michigan State And Mel Tucker With Brutal Quote

Michigan running back Blake Corum lit up Michigan State and Mel Tucker on and off the field Saturday night.

Corum and the Wolverines dominated the Spartans 29-7, and the explosive situation that unfolded in the tunnel wasn't the only fireworks fans got to see.

Following the game, Corum roasted Mel Tucker and Michigan State with an unbelievably blunt and brutal quote.

"I thought Tuck was comin'? That's what they said all offseason. ... They had the shirts, might need to throw those shirts away," Corum told the press after rushing for 177 yards and a touchdown.

Blake Corum verbally ended Mel Tucker and Michigan State.

Mel Tucker might want to just pack it in and not go out in public for awhile after this quote from Blake Corum.

His team got smashed on the field, lost by 22 to their biggest rival and then the Wolverines star running back dropped a roast for the ages in the press conference.

It's also worth noting Mel Tucker continues to be an absolute disappointment for the Spartans. The more you dig into the numbers, the worse it gets.

In his career as a head coach, his record is 21-19. In East Lansing, Tucker has a record of 16-12. You take out the 2021 season, and Mel Tucker is 5-10 with the Spartans. The man has a contract worth $95 million over 10 years, and his career winning percentage as a head coach is 52.5%. His agent should be very proud.

Now, he's even taking losses in press conferences. Michigan State is down bad, and that's putting it lightly. This quote from Blake Corum is going to haunt fans until at least the next matchup in 2023.