Michigan Football Star Sentenced In Gun Case

Michigan star Mazi Smith didn't get in much trouble in his gun case.

The talented defensive player for the Wolverines was arrested on a gun charge in October 2022 when an officer stopped his vehicle while he was armed without the proper permit. However, the judge didn't drop the hammer at all.

Mazi Smith was sentenced to a year of probation on the charge. If he gets through the first six months without any issues, he can request to have it shortened.

Smith is also not allowed to consume illegal drugs, alcohol, marijuana and can also not be around people partaking. The Michigan star will also be drug tested and must do 40 hours of community service, according to the same report.

If the Michigan defensive lineman finishes all his requirements without an issue, the entire incident will be wiped from his record.

While Smith eventually got a concealed weapons permit, he must retake the course because the arrest happened prior to him officially getting his license.

All things considered, he's getting off without much of a headache. More than anything, it sounds like a situation where he simply jumped the gun (no pun intended) on carrying concealed. He's obviously not a hardened criminal. It was a stupid mistake. The court recognizes that, and if he does what he needs to, he'll be fine.

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