Miami Coach Mario Cristobal Apologizes For Humiliating Loss

Miami football coach Mario Cristobal had a sobering message following a weekend loss to Florida State.

The Hurricanes got absolutely stomped by the Seminoles to the tune of 45-3, and after the game, Cristobal made it clear he just wanted to apologize for the product on the field fans had to endure.

"They were awesome. The place was electric to start off. I have to apologize to them because it is what we want. It is what we are building to be and building to do. Trust me nobody feels this more than I do. I hate it for our people, I hate it for our fans, and I hate it for our players. We are in a building process. We are laying a foundation. We have to go to work and it isn’t fun. Days like this are painful and there ain’t no excuse, ain’t no side-stepping, but that is why I came here. We have to go to work and do lots of it," Cristobal told the media after the game when talking about the crowd, according to 247Sports.

More than 66,000 fans showed up to Hard Rock Stadium to watch Cristobal's team get absolutely dismantled.

Miami and Cristobal are having a terrible season.

Despite entering the season with a decent amount of hype, the Hurricanes have been unbelievably bad on the field.

The team is sitting at 4-5 without a single impressive win on the schedule. Not only has the team not beat a good team, but Miami lost two of their last three games by a combined 66 points.

Miami is also 2-3 in conference games.

The Mario Cristobal era is off to a brutally tough start. That's just the reality of the situation, and you know things are bad when a coach has to apologize to the fans.

That doesn't happen when teams are winning and impressing. That happens when things are officially off the rails. He's also not wrong to apologize. Hurricanes fans spent their hard-earned money on tickets.

Their reward? A six-touchdown loss to an in-state rival.

Fortunately for Mario Cristobal, he's not going anywhere. He will have plenty of time to turn this around given the fact he's on a huge contract. Miami fans just better hope he figures it out sooner than later.