Mel Tucker Offers Powerful Apology After Michigan Players Get Beaten

Michigan State coach Mel Tucker stood tall and apologized for a pair of Michigan players getting beaten Saturday.

Following the Spartans getting rocked 29-7 by the Wolverines in Ann Arbor, multiple members of the MSU team brutally attacked two Michigan players.

In video footage from the event, Gemon Green can be seen getting attacked with a helmet in the tunnel. Police are involved, and four MSU players are currently suspended. Now, Tucker is making it clear the entire situation is 100% unacceptable.

"The behaviors Saturday, they are unacceptable. It's also very important to say we honor the traditions of the Big Ten conference, including the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry game, and we have a responsibility to uphold the values of this great university. We are deeply sorry, we are deeply sorry to both universities, the conference, our fans, alumni, supporters and all our student athletes, past and present," Tucker told the media Monday afternoon.

Mel Tucker is handling this situation in the correct manner.

To Mel Tucker's credit, he continues to handle this situation as any coach should. When you have violent actions from your players, you handle it with incredible seriousness.

The attack happened late Saturday night, and by Sunday, Tucker suspended multiple players and made it clear the team would cooperate with the police.

He took a very different approach from what Nick Saban did when Alabama receiver Jermaine Burton got into an altercation with a defenseless woman. Burton played the next week.

Tucker is working with the police, Big Ten and school to bring a resolution to this situation. The two coaches took completely different approaches.

Where does everyone go from here? That remains to be seen, but it appears law enforcement action is imminent. Gemone Green made it clear he intends on pursuing charges. On top of that, the Big Ten could also sanction the school. This situation is truly just getting started, but at least Mel Tucker isn't running and hiding like a coward. For that, he deserves credit.